We provide cutting-edge payment processing solutions for businesses whether it is B2B, point of sale, E-commerce, mobile payments , reoccurring billing or NFC terminals. All of our systems come with 24/7 US based tech support and our solutions don’t require a contract.

We help hundreds of Wisconsin businesses streamline their current payment system. Speed up your receivables and get paid faster. Learn industry secrets that can make your company more profitable.

Our patented system can offset up to 100% of your merchant processing fees. You can take your current processing fees and turn them back into profit today. Enjoy increases in your profit margin and eliminate one of your larger expenses. Paying for cash back rewards and airline miles.

If you have not looked at your processing costs in a while, request our audit. It will reveal what you are actually paying.

Learn from our trusted advisors located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover are raising their fees – click here to lower your costs.

John Stark

Paying Fees Is Optional

“I thought I was too busy, but Pazas showed me that there is no risk to try the free system. The team is local and delivered what they promised – and I will save thousands this year.”

John, Water Tower Capital

Our team consists of businesspeople like you. We make it about you, by earning your trust and by providing free equipment and/or an online processing portal with a virtual terminal and shopping cart.

“I was skeptical at first, but the system works and now I am saving about $1800/month.”

Sandi HB Cafe Hartland
Hidden fees

Nobody knows payments better than Electronic Payments!

US Based technical support – FREE.

We understand that every business is different – that’s why we continuously build the best technology and offer customizable solutions and resources to grow and empower your business. When you work directly with EPI and our team of nationwide partners, you will benefit from pricing transparency, a team that appreciates you and is a champion for your business, bringing the right technology and enabling you to grow your bottom line.


Merchant services, ach payments, and our range of payment services provide options for businesses, large and small. Payment Solutions. We pride ourselves on providing you with custom solutions in payment processing. rom debit and credit card processing to industry-compliant equipment, we’re proactive in finding the best options for you. No matter what business you’re in, Pazas has the right merchant services for you and secure payment solutions that work for your business anywhere. Point-of-sale solutions powered by a commitment to fast funding and no hidden fees.

Accept credit card payments online and watch your business grow.

Have the freedom to take your business with you and make sales on the go. Take payments over the phone or by email, taking your business with you anywhere.

Flexible, high-tech payment processing solutions offer added convenience for your customers and help you stay one step ahead of your competition. A retail merchant account with Pazas provides you with the payment processing solutions your customers want and your business needs.

Electronic Payments makes it easy for you to choose the right payment processing solution that’s compatible with your restaurant’s existing systems, while working with you to find the best point-of-sale solutions for your restaurant’s needs.

We offer fast, safe, and easy solutions such as the ability to accept small ticket items and fleet cards. Our merchant services solutions are designed to help you pump even more money into your business.

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