Creating operational & financial efficiencies for B2B

We have the tools that make managing and collecting your payments simple and efficient. Additionally, we can help impact some of the high rates associated with card processing. Helping your supply chain and large ticket items benefit from Level III savings.

Allow easy ways to get paid by your vendors or buyers. Reduce any friction that might come with getting paid from vendors.

Multiple solutions to manage your complex payment processes

Automated Level II and Level III processing

Tools to streamline account receivables

Making merchants happy across industries

Your payment platform that easily adapts from B2B, construction, and parking to professional offices. We understand the evolving ways market verticals want to accept payments and our software solution is ready.

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Growing relationships in professional services comes first

Client and patient care are top priorities for professional services. We help you keep that quality client focus by providing software accounting tools that support your back-office billing activities.

These include:

Subscription & recurring billing

Payment Link – a simple payment page to add to your website

Invoicing tools to speed up collecting payments

Customizable permissions for employee access


“This site is effective, fast, and always works. Thank you for always being here!”

PATRICIA, Concrete Supply

“It’s safe, fast, and user-friendly. Working with PayTrace for 8 years with no errors says a lot. Thank you for excellent service.”

JESSICA, Education

“Easy, headache-free, stress-free, simple to use and figure out. Did I mention headache-free?”

GEORGE, Wholesale Distribution

“PayTrace is easy to use and convenient! I also feel that it is a great value for the money.”

EMILY, Industrial Supplies

“I have used PayTrace a long time and the service is so dependable and easily navigated.”

BRUCE, Sports Club

“This is a great program for recurring payments.”

JENNIFER, Dental Office Manager

“The system is simple and intuitive to use, integrated with, support is responsive and helpful.”

LAURA, Education

“I like how easy it is to use. How easy it was to train my team on the switch.”

SARA, Legal Services

“Ease of use and ability to save (Make) money”

TOM, Plumbing & Heating Supply

“The card processing is very user-friendly. All encounters with representatives have been very positive and helpful. We have received what PayTrace had promised us from the start of the working relationship and more.”

LIESE, Industrial Supply

“Easy to use, website friendly design, security, feeling PayTrace is keeping up with technology and protects us from fraud.”

ALENA, Medical Equipment Wholesale Distribution

“Cost savings over traditional credit card processing avenues.”

ROBIN, Wholesale Distribution

“It’s so easy to use, the customers like it and it’s priced right.”


“Dependability, help with fraud protection, cost savings.”

MOIRA, Sporting Goods

“I would recommend PayTrace because of multiple processing tools combined with Interchange cost management, combined with friendly, knowledgeable support help.”

KATHY, Public Utilities

“PayTrace is the heart of my business since everything is now by credit or debit cards Transactions.”

LUIS, Public Administration, Local Government

“Love PayTrace. Nice people, good technology, training resources are PHENOMENAL. I’d turn this score up to 11 if I could.”

SAM, Fintech

“Very reliable and so easy to use. And most of all, it’s so secure.”

RUBEN, Industrial Supply

“Anytime you have a question, customer service is right there to help you along the way. Excellent service.”

LISA, General Manager, Supply

“Love the fact that the app keeps improving with customer feedback. Everything else has been working great. I really appreciate your hard work on making this the best platform ever!”

ROBERTO, Field Repair

“Cost! Your service is also excellent, but compared to banks and most merchant competitors, your cost per transaction is very reasonable. Thank you!”


“I love how easy it is to use and the savings we’ve incurred by switching from to PayTrace. I don’t plan to ever change from PayTrace.”

ACCOUNTING MANAGER, Industrial Supplies

“PayTrace is the 3rd company I’ve tried and am very pleased. It is easy to understand and maneuver through. I love the access to reports and the control it gives me to run payments.”

TERESA, Education

“I have used PayTrace for many years now and love the ease and accuracy of the system. I have had several other companies offering similar systems but prefer to stay with PayTrace – they are the best on the market.”


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