Liquor Store Solution

No upfront fees and $69 a month & we can offset your credit card processing costs! – That’s right – get rid of the costs of taking non cash payments.

Call today – and you With a feature-set tailored to high volume liquor stores, Exatouch® lets you keep tabs on your business like never before! From real-time inventory management and purchase ordering to special offers and customer engagement, Exatouch makes running your business easier with invaluable managerial capabilities.

  • Integrated Inventory Management Inventory management has never been easier! Exatouch provides integrated inventory functions to help make smart sales and purchasing decisions. Quickly access product information with fast SKU lookups, build and monitor stock counts in real-time, and quickly determine which items to replenish and when. Exatouch also supports multi-pack items. Whether you’re selling beverages as single items, six-packs or cases, Exatouch ensures your inventory is accurate.Now, taking inventory just got easier with the Exatouch tablet! Available in 7″ or 10″ sizes, you can take inventory with the utmost convenience right on the floor!

Exatouch At-a-Glance

Exatouch brings more features and greater possibilities to your liquor store!

Point of Sale
  • Fast and easy customer checkout
  • Quick product lookup
  • Create SKUs and print labels
  • Supports multiple SKUs
  • 25,000 starter SKUs and free database import (if needed)
Integrated Payments
  • EMV and contactless payments
  • Signature capture
  • Line busting
  • Integrated gift card program – eGiftSolutions
  • Single deposit for all card types
Inventory Management
  • Track sales and inventory in real-time
  • Multiple functions for collecting and entering inventory counts
  • Vendor management
  • Integrated purchase ordering
  • Multi-pack items & bulk breakdown
  • Reorder reports prevent stock depletion
Promos and Incentives
  • Frequent buyer discounts
  • Buy-X, Get-Y
  • Mix and match
  • Loyalty and member pricing
  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • House accounts
  • Wine clubs
  • Lotto payouts

  • Track sales and inventory by category or brand
  • View top selling and zero movement items
  • Account for Specialty Tax
  • Batch and transaction details
  • Access cost and profit margins
  • Revenue center report
  • Detailed customer database
  • Sales and order history
  • Sales by day or customer
  • Reconcile purchase orders
  • SKU and barcode reporting
  • Suggested orders

Contact Sara today @ (262) 333-4496

Exatouch Is an Approved Juul Labs POS Partner

For liquor stores, tobacco shops, and convenience stores that sell Juul products, Exatouch automatically satisfies Juul Labs’ requirements, including age verification, ID validation, and limiting the quantity of Juul products sold in a transaction. Best of all, compliance is built into the system. As a merchant, you don’t need to do any extra work to abide by Juul Labs’ requirements.

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