Law Firms

Three options for law firms.

  1. Cash Discount program
  2. Compliant surcharge
  3. Interchange plus pricing

Wisconsin State Legislation Wis. Stat. 422.422 No credit card issuer may, by contract or otherwise, prohibit a merchant from offering a discount to a customer to induce the customer to pay by cash, check, or similar means, rather than by use of a credit card or its underlying account, for the purchase of goods or services. Federal Legislation “EFTA Sections 920(b)(2) and (3) impose certain limits on the ability of payment card networks to restrict merchants and other persons in establishing the terms and conditions under which they may accept payment cards. Specifically, EFTA Section 920(b)(2) prohibits a payment card network from establishing rules that prevent merchants from offering discounts or in-kind incentives based on the method of payment tendered to the extent that such discounts or incentives do not differentiate on the basis of the issuer or payment card network”. – Federal Registrar, Volume 76, No. 139, July 20, 2011.

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