Time to make a choice about inflation

Surcharge is a great way to combat inflation.

Instead of your business paying for a credit card transaction, the user pays a 3.5% set fee. This helps you retain more revenue while offsetting your cost of credit card acceptance in a way that doesn’t break the rules.  Surcharge allows you to raise your prices and reward cash payers.

Learn how to offset the cost of accepting credit cards?  Our compliant surcharge program recovers the cost associated credit card paying customers.  You earn 100% of your printed price.

Increased revenue
Save thousands of $$$ each year by recovering credit card processing costs. The 3.5% surcharge covers the credit card processing fee and is shone on the customer’s receipt.

Compliant and secure
We guarantee your program conforms to Visa/Mastercard and government rules. All transactions are protected by Electronic Payments elite security to prevent breaches and fraud.

“I was skeptical at first. I thought it would drive customers away. It didn’t and now we are saving over $1500/month.”

Sandi – HB Cafe, Hartland

Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma prohibit surcharging.

Our local experts will ensure your surcharge program is PCI compliant with V/MC and government regulations. Transactions are protected by our team of highly skilled professionals to guard against fraud, chargebacks and breaches.

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