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We love small businesses and want to assist you in a way that will increase your profits. We know that nobody wants to talk about credit card processing.

However – we have the tools that can eliminate the fees that you pay when you accept plastic. The tools can be free to you, include free setup and tech support and best of all no contracts.

Our system is used by over 50,000 businesses and we are the preferred provider of the system here in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. We have helped over 50 businesses save over $190,000 to date.

Why not call or text us at 262.333.4496 to see how painless this could be for you.

“Patrick has helped us save over $2000/month – we should have started this sooner.” Sandi – HB Cafe Hartland,

“Pazas delivered and very little customers complained. My profit rose by over $20,000 thanks to the Edge program.” Docs Drydock

“Thank you for introducing us to Pazas, we put the system in last year and have realized over $23,000 in savings.” Spot on Sunset

“We offset $90,000 in credit card processing fees and our profits rose by over $125,000 – am I glad I took the meeting with Andy.” Karen Bayview

The worst decision that you could make it to do nothing.

Call Andy today @ 262.333.4496

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