Edgecash discounting program is simple:

We provide you with what you need

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  • free signage explaining the program to your customers.
  • free Edge Cash Discounting software
  • free equipment options.

Which of your customers currently provides higher margins for your business: cash paying or non-cash paying customers? Cash, right?

What are you doing to incentivize these more profitable clients? 

EDGE gives you an easy way to reward them for paying with cash. More than 90% of your customers are going to pay with non-cash tender, so you have had to price all of your products in a way that off sets that cost.

Your cash paying customers are paying the same amount with no benefit. The current system is not fair to your cash paying customers. That is why we are sharing our EDGE Cash Discounting program. 

Now is the time to take control of your margins and reap the benefits of this cutting-edge cash discounting program.  If you are sick of paying thousands of dollars from your profits at the end of the month for payment processing costs, this is your solution. 

        Call us today @  262.333.4496

Additional Benefits

  • Collect 100% of each sale
  • Minimal customer resistance
  • Next day funding
  • Online reporting
  • Simplified boarding
  • 24/7 support
  • No set up fees
  • Accept all card types

“Since moving to Edge credit card processing, I have been able to save over $700/month.”

Frank L Frank’s Construction, Madison, WI

Will customers pushback?

It’s a model that consumers already know. 

Some of your customers, at first, may not be familiar with such a program.  Nevertheless, they have been assessed fees for using their credit card or debit cards frequently, so the concept isn’t new for them.

Merchant Accounts are referred to North American Bancard, LLC. Pazas LLC is an agent  for North American Bancard, LLC is a registered ISO of Walnut Creek, CA, and the The Bancorp Bank, Philadelphia, PA.   

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