A call-to-action (CTA) is a critical part of marketing collateral that tells your targeted audience to take further action. The clearer the CTA, the more the conversion rate. There are several tests related to analyzing and perfecting CTAs. 

Here are some out-of-the-box CTA tips for auto dealers.

CTA Tip 1: Create a Personalized Landing Page to go with your CTA

Along with the CTA, the landing page also plays a crucial role in improving conversion rates. The best advice is to personalize and be creative in designing your landing page. Keep the page above the fold, as far as possible.

CTA Tip 2: Bigger is Better

The size of the CTA button matters. The bigger the button size, better the conversion rate. 

A bigger button has more space for copy and is also hard to ignore. One of the advantages of a bigger CTA is mobile-friendliness, since it is eye-catchy. 

CTA Tip 3: Anchor Text CTA Works

A CTA need not always be a button. Even anchor text can make killer CTAs. HubSpot recently doubled their conversion rates for blog posts with anchor text CTAs.  You can also use an anchor text CTA along with the main CTA. 

CTA Tip 4: Invoke Emotions Through Your CTA

When designing a CTA, always aim to invoke positive emotions and enthusiasm. Emotions always score over reason when it comes to cars. If you can hold prospects emotionally, they themselves will find the reasons to buy your ride.

Action words such as Join, Get, Download, etc. work well on CTAs. If you can’t come up with a creative line, at least explain the benefits of clicking on your CTA. This will compel visitors to click and take a look. 

Elements like color, overall treatment and appearance, position, text value, etc. also matter, when it comes to crafting killer CTAs.

 CTA Tip 5: Use the Fear of Missing Out 

Everyone is excited about free/discounted stuff, which they never want to miss out. This is an effective CTA that tempts the audience to click in order to avail the opportunity. 

For instance, “Never Before, Never Again! 50% Off —-“

CTA Tip 6: Focus on the Value of Your CTA

What is in there for me if I click on this button? 

This is exactly what your audience is thinking before they click. So, make sure that you have a valuable proposition to go with the CTA. 

For instance, “Sign up now! Get a free 1-year Newsletter subscription.”

CTA Tip 7: Include a Muted Secondary CTA

It is always good to have a secondary CTA to fall back on, should the first miss the mark. The secondary muted CTA can also be used to drive prospects towards the other sales funnel. This will help improve your car dealer website conversion rate.

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