Brian Pacholski , Director – Payments Expert

Brian is a successful businessman with experience running small to midsized businesses. During his tenure in the paving business, he handled all of the billing and operations. Brian has worked with hundreds of companies and shares his passion for profit with them.

Brian is regarded as a man of high integrity and a strategic thinker. Brian has a ton of success and is well respected in his community and church.

Brian loves spending time with his amazing wife and kids. He also loves doing anything outdoors: winter, spring, summer, or fall! Brian loves service to others and making people feel welcomed and loved. He feels we have a world-class team at Pazas and that we all love what we do and love being able to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Brian has worked with Pazas for the last two years and helping expand the company’s reach in the Wisconsin. His goal is to help businesses like yours save thousands of dollars each year.

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