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Drive Customer Loyalty with Safe & Secure Payment Processing for Car Guys

In a busy sales environment like yours, do you find yourself frustrated by a complicated point of sale system that adds stress to your workday?  Are exorbitant processing fees cutting into your already-slim profit margins? 

We’ve developed payment processing customized for auto dealers – PLUS our system gets rid of the fees that you pay to process credit cards.   We can show guarantee you your bottom line on service and parts will go up by as much as 20%

Plus, we offer reliable point-of-sale options to handle big-ticket transactions like down payments and outright vehicle purchases.

Our high tech back-end payment systems are designed to manage your high-cost transactions and financing plans while tracking your transactions using practical, easy-to-use analytics software.

We are here to help you grow your Auto Dealership.

Point of Sale Systems Process all forms of payment, easily manage inventory, run essential reports in minutes, and more.

Gift & Loyalty Cards Attract new customers with a gift card and use your loyalty program to keep them coming back for more.

Modern Wireless Terminals Accept all payment types, including EMV chip cards and contactless options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Benefit Your Car Dealership

For a car dealership to run successfully, you need to do more than sell cars. Building customer loyalty is crucial.

Customer loyalty encourages car buyers to service their new vehicles through you and ensures customers will return to your dealership for future vehicle purchases.

We understand the importance of customer loyalty and keeping customers satisfied with our services and products.

When customers purchase and service their cars through your dealership, having a secure, simple way to run credit card transactions is a final way to keep customers satisfied with their visits.

Our payment processing products for auto dealers utilize the most advanced technology on the market − this means your customers’ transactions are not only fast, they are also safe and secure.

Whether you’re processing transactions for down payments, routine maintenance, accessories, or car payments, our credit card processing and mobile pay options guarantee you get the hassle-free transactions you’re looking for. 

And the best part? Our we eliminate your processing fees

merchant services and products that can be custom-fit to your car business.

Safeguarding Your Vehicle Transactions is Our Top Priority

Car dealerships process roughly 200,000 credit card transactions per month, making safety and security essential to the success of your business. 

Every time a customer swipes or dips their credit card at your establishment, they want to feel confident that their personal information is safe and secure with your payment processing system.

We take protecting cardholder information from fraud very seriously and are committed to the financial security of our merchants’ customers.

You can assure your customers that their payments are processed in safe hands.    We maintain an elite status as a Level 1 PCI Certified Service Provider.

All of our payment processing and point-of-sale terminals have been certified as safe and secure by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Why Car Dealerships Choose us for Payment Processing

We have an impeccable record of delighting our merchants. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau are compliant in all 50 states

Setting up a new payment system for your car dealership can seem overwhelming. That’s why our top-notch team of customer service representatives is ready and waiting to help you around the clock

Our friendly team of native-English speakers is always available to help you maximize your auto dealer merchant services account any time day or night.

A Secure, Reliable Merchant Services Partner

You know that feeling your customers get when you hand them a brand new set of keys? That’s what we strive for when you begin a partnership with us.

Just like buying the right car, finding a credit card processing company that’s right for your business can be difficult.

We tailor every aspect of our products and services to make processing payments as swift and straightforward as possible. You’ve got enough on your plate, after all.

When you choose us to handle the payment processing for your car dealership, we want it to feel like you’ve just landed the vehicle of your dreams, for auto dealer merchant services. 

With our quick and easy setup, you can begin accepting payments immediately.

And, if you already have credit card readers and POS systems, we’ll check to see if our software is compatible. You may be able to keep the card processors you have.

Don’t struggle with complex payment processing or exorbitant processing fees any longer. Start streamlining your finances and build trust with your customers using our advanced payment processing systems.

Why continue working with a merchant services company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind? The longer you wait, the more money you’ll waste on higher fees, not to mention the stress.

You’re just a click away from the merchant services partnership you’ve been searching for.

​​Why Pazas is the right choice for your shop.

1. We offer customizable account plans and not a one-size-fits-all.

2. No application fees

3. No Contracts

4. We handle your PCI compliance. 

5.  Next day funding

6. Our machines and software will all but eliminate your processing fees.

7. Your clients are familiar with paying a slightly higher price when they paid by card.

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