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Automobile Repair Point of Sale

Our system has the capacity to save you over $1500/month. Think of what you paid last month and we guarantee to reduce it by 90% or more.

Our system eliminates 95% of credit card processing fees for auto repair shops around Wisconsin. Don’t give your profits to Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover. Keep what you earn and put your money towards what you.


How does the system work? simple, when a customer makes a purchase, they are given two options to use credit card or pay with cash/check. For customers paying with a card, a small transaction fee (up to 3.98%) is added to the total. This fee covers 99% of all credit card processing fees.

Will my customers be upset about paying more? Actually, no. Most customers do not even notice the fee and are perfectly content with their form of purchase. Other customers feel empowered with the ability to save a bit when they pay with cash/check.

How much can I expect to save? Savings vary depending upon the volume of transactions you do per month, but merchants around the US are saving upwards of $1500 or more on their months processing bills. Even if you are spending thousands right now on processing fees, it is not unrealistic to see your overall charges reduced to less than $50.

“We were skeptical at first, but now we are saving over $1700 per month. I wish we would have put this system in years ago.”

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