“We never evaluated our processing, but when Andy mentioned that during this economic crisis that we should audit our three top vendors, we did – and BAM – we discovered that we could save thousands by leaving Heartland. In three months, we have saved over $15,000.”

Randy – Pewaukee
Sara providing an audit of your processing fees.

Are You Paying Too Much on Your Credit Card Processing Fees?

For a limited time, our team of accountants will audit your merchant bill to determine your savings. This audit is usually $299 – but if you act by 6/22/23 your fee will be complimentary.

What is a credit card merchant fee audit? 

An audit is a comprehensive report that details who much fees your are paying each month. The report also provides risk analysis, PCI compliance loopholes, chargeback issues and more.

“Thank you for pestering us, your audit helped us to mitigate the risks of accepting credit cards, plus you saved us 22% with very little effort on our part.”

“F. John, CFO Chicago
Andy performing an audit
Andy finishing your audit

A credit card merchant fee audit takes a look at every single credit or debit card transaction your business accepts on a monthly basis. It analyzes if you are getting the correct levels of interchange from the card networks based on your SIC code, card type, and card level. A credit card merchant fee audit will also calculate the service markup that your current credit card merchant processor is charging you and how much additional charges you are overpaying for. 

Our credit card merchant fee statement analysis can help you.  One  processing company may have a proprietary software, the other may specialize in a specific industry, but all have the same goal – to make more money. Our audit analyzes your bill to make sure you are paying a fair price.

What does the credit card merchant fee savings analysis entail?  An extensive audit of a business’s credit card processing statement to showcase the savings a business can obtain and recommendations on how to lower credit card merchant fees. 

The Pazas audit can lower credit card merchant fees for businesses without contracts or additional fees.  Lower credit card merchant fees is imperative for any business trying to reduce its operating expense and increase a firm’s ROI. With credit card merchant fees always changing, it is difficult for businesses to understand how the credit card merchant fees actually work and how the credit card merchant fees are actually charged to businesses.

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“Sara helped our company save $1500 per month. Plus her 24 hour tech support was a game changer.”

Felipe of Spot on Sunset – El zocalo Restaurant – Waukesha

“The Pazas audit ended up saving us $1200/month. Their team did what they said they were going to do.”

JMJ Locksmiths – Madison
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