Alan Schahczinski, Business Partner

Alan is honest, innovative and a hard-working professional who can fix just about anything computer related. He has been a fixture in the Mukwonago community for years.

Alan owns A-Team Computer Services and provides invaluable support to our Wisconsin customers.

Alan joined Pazas because he realized that had been overpaying for credit cards for too long. He loved our Electronic Payments platform so much that he is sharing the story with his clients. His goal is to help businesses like yours save thousands of dollars each year.

Don’t get “squared” in before talking to Alan. He will share traditional payment processing with: No contracts, No PCI fees, No minimums, no junk fees and best. of all your average will most like be between 2.5% – 2.9% depending on card types. Alan can provide you with a free application for your smartphone – that works with Applepay, Google Pay, AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and discover.

You can reach Alan directly at 414.688.7553 or via email.

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