Payment Processing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Accountants have a few top priorities when looking for a payment processor. The ability to let clients accept credit cards online and the ability to send and track invoices easily, and lastly low credit card processing rates.

Let Clients Accept Credit Cards Online

The most convenient way for clients to pay their accounting bills is to pay online. This is why we have set up payment pages for accountants. A payment page is section on your website that clients go to in order to enter their credit card information and pay their bill.

Example Credit Card Payment Page

We take care of all payment security concerns and PCI compliance. Removing worries about securely storing credit card information or the process of sending payment data. Our systems ensure that the liability does not fall on you.

The client pays their bill online and receives an email receipt. You will then be notified in real-time which customers have paid.

Ability to Send an Email Invoice

E mail Invoicing is a great option for accounting firms that want a way to send quotes or invoices by email and collect payments online. Everything you need to create, send, or track a quote or invoice is built into the platform. There is no coding or integration necessary.

One of the last things you want to do is chase down clients for paying a bill. Our invoice system automatically reminds clients of their bill. You will not need to manually email clients with reminders. From a single dashboard, you can see which clients have paid online and which clients are late with payments.

Low Credit Card Processing Rates

Most accountants are paying 3% or more to credit card processing companies. Many accountants surprisingly are not aware of this. There is no need to pay this much.

Getting good rates from a credit card processor is tough but not impossible. It can be complicated to understand your rates. Credit card processing has some of the most complex pricing of any industry. We’re trying to remove that complexity or at least make it so you don’t need to care about it. In fact – we can eliminate all of the fees that you pay to the credit card companies.

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