We’re located at 6737 N Teutonia Ave Milwaukee, WI 53209

If you accept Credit Cards – you already know what it’s like to pay those processing fees. It’s almost as if they have a hand in your register to take your hard earned money. I feel your pain and I have found a solution that can offset most of those fees.

Please contact me today via text/email 414-375-7754 to learn more. We are a friend to the community – we teach financial literacy and we help many other ways. We can help you get better access to bank loans and more. Our training is free and we have no contracts with our business.

Brianna Harris H&L LLC

We’d love to visit your business.

If you accept VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX. 1. We can give you updated equipment that will guarantee you will save money and we can help you end the fees that you pay.

Conozca un nuevo sistema que puede ayudar a su empresa. Recientemente pasamos por su tienda y notamos que acepta VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX. – Podemos ayudarlo a terminar con las tarifas que paga cuando los clientes pagan con plástico.

If you operate a restaurant click here:

Si opera un restaurante, haga clic aquí:

If you operate a liquor store click here

or call us @ 414.375.7754

Thank you for visiting!

Also ask us about our $50 referral bonus

“You can trust my man Andy – he does what he says – and he will save you a lot of money – and he good too!

Robert Harris – Milwaukee Entrepreneur who owns three buildings and four businesses. Listen to his pod cast –

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